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Mastering Your Money, Muscles & Mindset with Carly Minton

Hi friends! In today’s episode of Vibrant Life Allies we are joined by Millennial Success Expert & Certified Life Coach, Carly Minton. Through her own personal struggles with anxiety, depression, and bulimia—to name a few—and over 5 years of experience in coaching, she now helps others to create success in their own lives.

Carly shares more about her own mental health battles and how these inspired her to want to help others. She touches on the importance of defining success for yourself and “tuning out the noise” to be able to do this. We have a great conversation that you don’t want to miss, so tune in now!


  • Carly’s story and her initially toxic introduction into the fitness industry

  • Turning fitness from a coping mechanism into a tool

  • Learning to manage your anxiety rather than believing you can rid yourself of it

  • What a “Millenial Success Coach” is and Carly’s inspiration to start this business

  • Connecting with the different pillars of success outside of just the “physical” by tuning out the noise

Thank you for tuning in this week with another amazing guest. If you’re enjoying the show, please leave us a review and share with a friend. Thanks for listening!

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