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Lisa the Life Coach

Master Certified Life Coach

Struggling with Anxiety? Perfectionism?

  • You want to do everything, have everything, be everything.

  • You're exhausted and overwhelmed.

  • You are never satisfied so you are never happy.

  • You are drowning in self-doubt and criticism.

  • You don't know how to break free!

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You've tried to break the cycle.

​You’ve tried so many times.


Do you tell yourself you’ll try again on Monday, with a brand new plan, only to abandon it when something goes wrong? ​


You deserve success without the crippling pressure of trying to be perfect. In fact, I’ll show you that your dreams don’t have to be perfect to come true.


Perfectionism makes your world very, very small. It stops you from seeing life’s possibilities, because you’re so focused on your all-or-nothing attitude.


You’re missing out on what life could be, because you’re too worried about how life should be.


I can help you learn to stop shound-ing on yourself!

What is perfectionism?

It does not mean you do everything or anything perfect!


It’s fear. The fear of not being good enough.


It's the negative thoughts, self doubt, and internal shame and judgment that make it so hard to achieve happiness and sustained success.

Perfectionism paralyzes you because it’s a limiting, fear-based mindset.

*  You feel anxious

*  Your health suffers

*  You stop trying new things

*  You stop finding joy in life

*  You're constantly in survival mode

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As your coach, I can show you how to have real confidence. I can teach you the self-compassion to love and accept your unique and amazing imperfections. 


Life coaching helped me escape the “perfect” prison I’d created with my self-defeating thoughts.


After learning how to manage my thoughts and mindset, I took back my life and my happiness from fear and anxiety.


Now, I’m committed to helping others who are suffering like I was.

Do you know that NOT every thought you think is TRUE?


I will show you how to replace those negative thoughts and self-criticism with compassion and self-love.


I can show you just how powerful you really are.

How to overcome anxiety & perfectionism?

What do I offer?









I  believe


  • I believe you are talented.

  • I believe you are strong.

  • I believe you have skills.

  • I believe you can do anything.

  • I believe you are enough.

You deserve the freedom to live life on your own terms.  You deserve love.  You deserve to be happy.


I can show you how to overcome the anxiety that is holding you back.

Stop beating yourself up. Stop procrastinating. Stop being paralyzed. Accepting yourself is the only way to find peace, love, and happiness.


Just take the first step.

Start self-coaching now with this free thought work journal pack.

Lisa the Life Coach

At the heart of my work is the passion for empowering and strengthening women who are being held prisoner in their own minds. I am uniquely qualified to help women who are struggling with anxiety and perfectionist paralysis because I was one.

Life coaching helped me escape from the prison of my mind. Learning the tools and techniques of thought work, gave me my life back and my joy! Now, I am committed to helping other women find their joy and take their lives back. ​


I have a Masters of Business Administration and I am a Master Certified Life Coach. I have the training and science based tools to help you learn to love your life and accomplish your goals.

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