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Welcome to Love This B!tch! The podcast that helps you break past perfectionism and grow to love the truest version of yourself.


On this podcast, you will learn how to truly work through negative mindsets and learn to embrace yourself instead of working through a long shoulds list!


Tune in every week to learn how to love the woman you are now! 

Love This B!tch

Love This B!tch

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Hi, I'm Lisa Oglesbee

I was once trapped in my own perfect prison. I had so many things on my "should" list, that I thought I needed to do and be in order to be worthy of love; to finally be good enough.

There was so much internal pressure from my inner critic to be MORE to be PERFECT; that I was paralyzed. I was afraid to take a single step because I knew it would not be the right step. I knew I would judge myself. So I was not doing anything that I actually wanted. I wasn't going after my dreams. I wasn't even doing things I enjoyed anymore.

So how did I wake up from my perfectionist fantasies and actually start living my life? Start experiencing and enjoying my life? AND have the courage to pursue my dreams?
It started with learning self-compassion combined with thought work.

I learned to love myself just as I am. And from that place of love to do the work to identify and change the thoughts, my own thoughts, that were depriving me of joy and holding me back.

Learn from my journey as you start your own.


You can be happy, enjoy life, and achieve your goals.

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