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Managing and Marketing Your Brand with James Neilson-Watt

Welcome to a new season of Vibrant Life Allies! In our first episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with James Neilson-Watt, CEO of Patients & Profit. Patients and Profit helps teach health professionals how to run successful businesses in order for them to create more impact on clients and in their community.

James also authored “Healthcare Business Secrets - A step-by-step guide to growing a wildly successful healthcare business” which is an amazing resource for healthcare business owners looking to scale and grow their business and run their organizations more efficiently. He has also been featured in Yahoo Finance, LA Weekly, NY Weekly and several other publications while advising and working with healthcare business owners all around the world, assisting them in increasing their revenue and ballooning their patient size.

I got the chance to chat with him about anxiety and chronic illness, his business acumen, as well as why marketing is such a critical part of any business. Tune in for an amazing listen and continue to live more vibrantly!


  • Importance of marketing your business effectively

  • Overcoming struggles with sales

  • Coping with anxiety

  • Health care diagnosis and what it means for the patient

  • Sticking to your beliefs despite outside pressure

Thank you for tuning in this week with another amazing guest. If you’re enjoying the show, please leave us a review and share with a friend. Thanks for listening!

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