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Don’t Miss Out on Life

My focus is on the transforming power of genuine self-compassion and with that foundation using thought work to break free from perfectionist paralysis.


If you are are struggling with anxiety, depression, perfectionism, and perfectionist paralysis, I am here for you. 

If you want to feel better and accomplish your goals. Let's work together!


Complete the Coaching Client Application Form below and let's get started!



Are you ready?

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You deserve love. 
You deserve happiness.
Invest in You! 
Believe in You!

My Approach

It’s okay to expect great things from yourself. 

It’s okay to have high standards and expectations. 

But it’s not okay when those expectations keep you from living a full life.


Evaluate your goals and expectations

Learn to stop setting unrealistic objectives for yourself.

Overcome your fear of failure

Reframe your mindset to see mistakes as an opportunity for growth.

Learn different approaches

Change your strategy rather than giving up entirely.

set high but achievable goals

and develop your awareness of your capacity for self-love and compassion.

You are NOT broken.

You are NOT alone.

I have been there.

I can help.

 Join me for meditation on Insight Timer

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Congratulations on taking this step towards investing in YOU!

If you are interested in working with me as a 1:1 client, please apply below.

Are you ready for growth? Want me as your Coach?

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