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For years, I suffered from anxiety, depression, OCD, and inattentive ADD. The more I accomplished, the harder I worked, the more miserable I became.

The constant inner pressure to do better, do more, be better, be more, was exhausting.


I tried everything to feel better. Medicine, meditation, yoga, therapy, you name it! And while all those things are still a part of my overall wellness toolkit, I was still suffering until hired a coach.

Coaching helped me break free from my perfectionist paralysis and learn to love and support myself. Finally, the help I was looking for! I felt happy again for the first time in what seemed like ages!

Knowing what I went through and that there were other women out there, like me, looking for help, desperately wanting to feel better, I had to become a coach and share what I have learned.

Meet Lisa

"A vibrant abundant life is an intentional life. Choose you. Choose to LIVE your life."


     I have always hesitated to work with a coach with something so personal like my anxiety and mindset. I've often thought that something was wrong with me. But honestly, working with Lisa has been the best decision I have ever made.

     From that first call with her, I felt that I could trust her. I usually don't open up about something so sensitive but she was so understanding and kind. She gave me space to be vulnerable and allowed me to ponder through my thoughts rather than tell me what to do.

     She guided me in a way that enabled me to self-coach on little things whenever an untrue thought would pop in my mind. She helped me understand that rewiring my mindset and acknowledging my thoughts was a process. She is incredibly patient, enthusiastic, and eager to help me grow.

     When I first started working with Lisa, I held myself and my work to such a low bar, under valuing the work that I serve to my clients. In a few short months, she helped me recognize that I am good at what I do and that I deserve every bit that I charge.

     I'm more confident now to charge the rate that I believe I am worth and eager to grow my business!

JADE DARYANANI, Business Owner

     Working with Lisa has been wonderful! Being a coach myself, I had pretty high standards and not only was she able to help me grow in my life but also in my business!     

     Her patience, enthusiasm, and willingness to guide has been more than amazing! Not only am I better able to deal with my anxiety- I have realized that my perfectionism was holding me back way more than I thought and am now able to do things in life I never thought possible!

     I cannot thank Lisa enough! 


     The coach who coaches your coach. Lisa has been pivotal in getting my inner voice to be my outer voice so that I can decide if I agree with what I've been telling myself. Being coached isn't easy when you have a good coach. It's a little painful when you have a great coach. Lisa, thanks for being my advocate for thinking the most helpful thoughts and taking the most productive actions.


Attorney, Entrepreneur, Personal and Professional Coach

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