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Conquering Self-Doubt with Vanessa Campbell

Eliminating self-doubt is a tough challenge for even the most seasoned entrepreneur. It is one of the many emotional traps we face when deciding to begin our entrepreneurial journeys. Knowing how to build our confidence is essential when handling the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur.

This week, I’m chatting with Vanessa Campbell, who is not your traditional life coach. She is a network marketing professional who also has experience in the entertainment business. Vanessa believes in the power of self-belief for emotional and mental enrichment. She is here offering tips on building self-belief and telling us how to develop the confidence to excel in life. It is a thoughtful conversation that can help anyone, in whatever season of life you are in!

Episode Highlights

  • Importance of Self Belief in Network Marketing

  • How to Deal with Failure

  • Commonly Held Self Limiting Beliefs

  • Growing Confidence

  • Developing Self Awareness

  • Power of Meditation

Thank you for tuning in this week with another amazing guest. If you’re enjoying the show, please leave us a review and share with a friend. Thanks for listening!


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