Working Through Perfectionist Thoughts

Are you a perfectionist, or do you think you could be one? Trust me, you aren’t alone! As a perfectionist coach, I know exactly what a perfectionism thought pattern looks like and how this label can hold you back from getting what you truly want out of life. 

In this episode of Love This B!tch, we are identifying the TWO most common traits of perfectionism, what they mean, and how to overcome them. We’ll also explore how our brains simplify our choices into all or nothing, why we’re so afraid of failure and taking action before we’re ready and how different standards influence our perception of perfect. 

Here’s a closer look at

Being perfect isn’t the prerequisite to perfectionism [5:00]

How we hold ourselves back by waiting for perfection [11:00]

Two signs that indicate you’re struggling with perfectionist thinking [20:00]

Overcoming your anxiety, pain, and fear of imperfection [25:00] 

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