Understanding Your Manual

How does self-compassion help you have deeper connections with other people? As humans, we are all flawed and make mistakes. Giving ourselves grace for our own failures and imperfections is the first step in finding and developing true compassion and acceptance for others, no matter how different their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. 

In this episode of Love This B!tch, I want to talk about how we can start building awareness around our own frustrations, anxiety, and anger that arise around situations that are out of our control and eliminate these negative emotions through compassion for others. We will examine our thought processes behind why we build thoughts and stories around completely neutral circumstances and how two people can handle situations in entirely different ways and why that’s okay.

Here’s a closer look at

Why a different way of thinking or acting doesn’t make someone the enemy 

Reducing stress, anxiety, and tension through compassion for others

How everyone operates on different manuals in life 

Understanding that everyone has different thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and experiences 

Breaking free from the idea that our life’s manual is the only way 

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