Success Is More Than Outside Validation

What is your definition of success? We each have a different meaning of what success looks and feels like in our life. Whether it’s money, academic achievement, or helping others, we need to find clarity around our own version of success. Only then can we learn new things, expand our minds, broaden our horizons, and extend our physical, mental, and emotional capabilities. The key is understanding that the success mindset is all about growth.

In this episode of Love This B!tch, I am deep diving into what success is, how it relates to your core values, why you need to stop chasing the wrong idea of success, and how to feel true satisfaction and accomplishment when you hit your success goals. Listen to valuable tips and insight on how you can start finding joy and happiness in your definition of success and enjoy the journey.

Here’s a closer look at

  • Why outside validation for our success is never enough [6:40]

  • Questioning & defining what success looks like for you [11:18]

  • Approaching your success from a place of abundance [19:39]

  • Creating goals that are in alignment with your core values [21:33]

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