Reframing Your Thoughts in the Face of Betrayal, Hurt, Rejection, and Ghosting

We’ve all faced some sort of betrayal, hurt, rejection, or even ghosting at some point in our lives. These moments tend to make us feel bad, allowing other people’s thoughts to influence the way we think about ourselves.

In today’s episode, Lisa is speaking to all the moments where you’ve felt down about yourself because of someone else’s thoughts or actions (or lack thereof). She talks about our innate and natural feelings of wanting to belong to a tribe, and how in the modern world, we have the option to build our own tribes.

Lisa also speaks to the point that seeking a reason for another person’s actions of hurting, betraying, or rejecting isn’t necessarily the healthiest practice since it inadvertedly validates them. Whether you’ve felt hurt in your friendships, dating life, or even business, Lisa is here to share some ways in which you can reframe your thoughts so that you can feel confident in yourself despite the rejection you face.

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