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Rediscovering Your Higher Power with Brittany Parsons Young

In today’s episode, I talk to Brittany Parsons Young, a breakthrough bullshit coach and psychic business visionary who helps entrepreneurs give birth to their magic and resurrect their sole purpose in life. After years of living in a negative energy state, Brittany adjusted her course, listened to The Universe, and now helps similar high-achievers break down the walls they’ve held up for so long and find alignment with who they truly are. 

Tune in to listen to our incredible conversation about how to eliminate toxic beliefs, the importance of readjusting our mindsets, and why high-achieving entrepreneurs lack confidence, tell themselves lies, and struggle with trust issues. Brittany also unveils how she helps her clients tap into their intuition and rediscover their higher power. Don’t miss this episode!

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

Brittany’s personal story from addict to life coach [7:45]

Stepping into a positive mindset and achieving goals [17:06]

The importance of healing your inner child [19:13]

Finding out what your soul truly wants [28:10]

Rediscovering your core values [40:42]

Resources mentioned:

Group Coaching Program: Unapologetically You

Free Breakthrough Visionary Session:

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