No One Way Street to Happiness

In today’s episode, I talk to Nicki Hu, an empowerment and life coach who helps millennials overcome expectations, discover self-compassion, and find clarity and freedom to be happy in life. Having grown up with a mindset where failure equaled shame, Nicki now helps her clients discover their core values, find out what they really want in life, and take action to achieve their goals.

Nicki has a thirst for adventure, self-discovery, and personal development and has inspired many (myself included) to live more authentically through her bright, bubbly, and compassionate way of teaching. 

Tune in to listen to our chat about the struggles of growing up with high expectations, creating our own false stories, and the importance of communication. Nicki even shares her best tips for taking actionable steps right now to start living a more empowered life, rediscover who we really are, and establish positive connections with our community.

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

  • Why we chase things that don’t align with our vision or happiness [7:36]

  • How emotional trauma and business interconnects [14:58]

  • Investing in yourself in the beginning and building those blocks on a good foundation sets yourself up for the rest of your journey. [22:14]

  • Finding deeper connections and having honest communication [29:02]

  • The importance of taking little steps to achieve your bigger goals [44:52]

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