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In today’s episode of Love this B!tch I want to talk about me. I, too, struggled with everything including fear, self-limiting beliefs and ultimately a complete lack of self-compassion. I am diagnosed with major depressive disorder and I tried everything in the book to help myself feel better, but when I got serious about giving myself love I started to see real results.

My own self-love struggles brought me to start working with a coach which then inspired me to become a coach myself. I learned a lot about loving myself and learning to get through the rough times, whether it be through self-coaching or getting some outside help. If you want to learn more about my journey and how a little self-compassion changed my life, hit that play button!

Here’s a closer look at what we discussed:

You Don’t Have to Hit Rock Bottom Before You Get Help [12:02]

Self-Compassion is a Practice [15:13]

Making Sustainable Change by Coming from a Place of Love [27:46]

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