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Mindset Coach

In today’s episode I talk about limiting beliefs and all things mindset with Priya Shah. We discuss how the stories we create in our minds can really hold us back and some things that we can do to change the narrative.

Priya is a mindset coach and she works with clients in several different capacities. Her Hot Mess Diva program is a 3-month coaching container where you show up a hot mess, take messy action and transform into a badass. We talk more about this and Priya drops lots of value during our conversation so get your notebook and hit play!

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

Don’t Buy Into Imposter Syndrome [6:35]

Ho'oponopono: An Ancient Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer [16:40]

The #1 Ingredient to Boost Your Confidence [36:57]

Being A Gentle Observer of Your Thoughts [41:09]

Links we mentioned:

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