Mindfulness and Mindset for Dating

Dating can be tough. Sometimes, we find a person who checks all the boxes, and we are quick to anoint them “the one” and our thoughts race through a million different scenarios. Do they like me back? Would they be good with kids? Will we make enough to live on? The list can be endless and exhausting.

Today on Love This B!tch, we are going to focus on how to incorporate mindfulness into our dating lives and how not to get overwhelmed by our emotions when getting to know (and falling in love with) a new partner. Being mindful of who we are, our situation, our partner, and our needs can help us navigate the trickiness of dating and let us not be consumed by things and emotions often outside of our control.


  • Making sure your thoughts do not leap too far ahead

  • Learning to listen just to listen

  • Doing a “thought download” when overwhelmed

  • Not taking rejection personally

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