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Life-Changing Shifts with Lauren Wilsman

In today’s episode, I talk to Lauren Wilsman, owner and yoga coach behind Get Zen With Lauren, a yoga coaching business that emphasizes yoga philosophies and theories to support her clients' life-changing shifts from the yoga mat into their daily lives. Focusing on mindset, body, and breath, Lauren shares her best tips for incorporating yoga and mindfulness into our lives and the detail behind her journey to becoming a yoga coach.

Tune in to listen to our conversation about the physical and mental aspect of yoga and how - when given the proper tools and techniques - you can proactively approach and respond in a controlled manner to each challenge that life presents you both on and off the mat. Lauren also shares why consistency, accountability, and self-care are the key to figuring out what the highest-quality version of your life looks like.

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

The philosophical approach to yoga [10:14]

Connecting the Mind, Body, and Breath [15:26]

The importance of creating a habit [20:54]

Self-care breakthroughs [24:02]

Applying ancient philosophies and principles into our everyday life [37:43]

Resources mentioned:

Instagram: @GetZenWithLauren

Text or Call : 904-274-3474

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