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How to Have Patience for Yourself and Those Around You

How many times have you given up on your new year's resolutions? Most of the time, people make big goals for the new year only to give up on them a week or two later. There are many reasons why this happens.

Recently, Lisa has been sharing about her time back home over the holidays. This topic leads us to today’s conversation all about patience.

How many times have you thought to yourself “I need to be more patient,” be it with yourself, clients, or loved ones? In this episode, Lisa explores what it means to be truly patient. She shares several takes on what patience means through the lens of scientific writings, different circumstances, and through our own negative experiences.

Lisa discusses why patience is the ability to accept things even before you’ve done the work, and why learning that patience is a virtue can lead you to bottle things up, which in turn could be harmful to your mental health.

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