Honoring and Having Compassion for Your Journey with Mark Christopher Neff

Today’s episode is a special treat since Lisa is interviewing her very first guest on Love This B!tch. Mark Christopher Neff is a life coach and author of the book “Diving Into Darkness to Find Light”.

In this conversation, Mark shares his journey through life, including the obstacles he’s faced in regard to his sexual identity, addiction, cancer, grief, career burnout, and mental health. Lisa and Mark discuss the lifelong practice of meditation and self-betterment, taking power back and making a change in your life, and why being more open and vulnerable allows you more freedom to be yourself.

If you’re looking for inspiration to truly honor your journey while building a healthy relationship with yourself, this episode is for you. Tune in to hear Mark’s incredible story and learn how to honor and have more compassion for the path you’re on.

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