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Give Grace To Your Past Self

In today’s episode, I talk to Angela Cooper, an online educator and millennial business and mindset coach who helps women revamp their mindset and acknowledge their passions through empowerment, manifestation, and momentum. After overcoming her own personal obstacles, Angela has learned to use resilience and self-compassion to build herself back up into being the person she wants to be - and now she teaches other women to do the same.

Not only does Angela teach women how to launch their online business from scratch, but she also helps them use their struggles as their strength, give grace to their past self, and zeroes in on the importance of writing your own story.

Tune in to listen to our discussion on eliminating self-limiting beliefs, learning from failures, and taking actionable steps to achieve real success in our business. 

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

  • The biggest obstacle that keeps women from starting an online business [8:52]

  • How Angela overcame adversity, shifted her mindset,  and wrote her own story [11:20]

  • Using your struggles as your strength to grow and build your resilience [13:43]

  • How failure fuels you into trying a different strategy that works [19:20] 

  • How belief, consistency, and passion are a huge component of success [20:11]

Connect with Angela:

Launch Your Business from Scratch Program:

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