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From Breakup to Breakthrough with Holly Maddison

In today’s episode, I talk to Holly Maddison, an expert breakup coach helping women move on from their relationships with confidence and strength. After dealing with her own painful breakup, Holly did the required work on herself and discovered the tools and techniques to help her manage her emotions and heal her way out of the depression and suffering that she was experiencing.

Tune in to listen to our incredible discussion about the negative thought patterns we enter post-breakup, how to process the pain we feel afterward, and why healing from a breakup is an opportunity to have better relationships with yourself and with somebody else in the future. Holly is giving us an inside look into the tools and techniques we can use to overcome our self-reflected fears, build emotional resilience, and find true healing.

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

From breakup to breakthrough: how Holly overcame a painful breakup & found true healing [4:23]

Taking back control by reconnecting with and embracing your emotions [11:48]

Shifting out of negative thought patterns and move forward in life [15:14]

Why journaling can help you rewire (and rewrite) the story your brain is telling you  [25:40]

How to rediscover your emotional strength and reduce your suffering [30:47]

Connect with Holly:

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