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Finding Growth and Happiness after Divorce

Welcome to the Vibrant Life Allies podcast! In our latest episode, Season 2, Episode 4, we are talking with Delia Butler better known as Coach Delia on social media. Delia is a Certified Professional Life Coach who specializes as a Life After Divorce Coach and an Elevation Coach. She was married for 25 years and is now divorced and single for 8 years. 

Delia helps women to transition into the next phase of their new life with grace and confidence as they create the best next chapter in their journey, by empowering women to step back into their power. It is Delia’s goal to help women grow, stretch, manifest and be the best they can be. 

Through her own personal experience she found a way to genuinely love herself, which in turn, sets anyone up for successful friendships, and relationships in the future. I know many will benefit greatly from hearing her on this podcast today. Do yourself a favor, and go listen now!

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

[4:52] Delia single-handedly ran a shelter for homeless women and children before the economy dropped, and she took a huge hit.

[10:59] Learning how to work through all the huge changes in life

[15:42] Finding your identity again

[23:53] Daring to be alone

[41:57] Actionable steps for anyone going through and phase of a divorce.

[52:56] As people we are imperfect. But LOVE is perfect.

Links we mentioned:

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