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Find Your Purpose with Chandra Carson, Life & Business Coach for Heart-Centered Mamas

Have you been searching for a coach to help you from a heart-centered place? Well, we got you girl, meet our guest today Chandra Carson. Chandra is a Life and Business Coach and supports women who are ready to evolve into their highest self. Chandra realized that she had been operating from a place of shoulds and not embodying who she was truly called to be on the Earth. 

Chandra has now made it her mission to help women learn more about their own needs and not just their children or their spouse. Chandra is also a Human Design expert and incorporates this into her coaching practice to support her clients as they are growing into the truest versions of themselves. Y’all, Chandra is an amazing person press play and see for yourself! 

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

Being Miserable Living “The Dream” [5:24]

Even Coaches Need a Coach [17:32]

Your Goals are Found Through Your Fears [32:13]

Your Human Design [41:53]

Links We Mentioned

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