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Find Clarity When Dealing With Anxiety

Do you struggle from fight, flight, or freeze? We all react to stress differently, and sometimes these anxious reactions vary or change depending on the stressful situations we find ourselves in. That’s why we need to learn how to process our emotions, establish a value-based mindset, and create more space in our lives so we can show up as our true selves in life.

In this episode of Love This B!tch, I am talking about the three different types of anxiety, what they look like, and how they can hold you back from having a happier, healthier life. We will unravel the process of building resilience against your fears and how you can start digging into that inner critic and find your true self-compassion.

Here’s a closer look at

The three types of anxiety and what each looks like [00:47]

Why anxiety holds you back from achieving your goals [7:05]

How to find self-compassion, eliminate self-limiting beliefs and see your true value [16:25]

The importance of building resilience around your anxiety and fears [17:35]

Why awareness it the first step towards change [20:54]

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