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Creating Change & Finding Authenticity Through Awareness

In today’s episode, I talk to Falisa Asberry, a retired law enforcement officer who founded Authentic All The Time Academy, a coaching and training company helping high-achieving women who have reached their mid-lives figure out their next steps. Falisa coaches her clients to re-identify who they are, what they want, and helps them find awareness in their true purpose again. 

After almost 27 years on the police force, Falisa has experienced the struggles of handling two very different worlds, losing her identity and why you need to give yourself permission to be authentic and live the life you are destined for. 

Tune in to listen to our incredible discussion about how we can start peeling back those layers and dispose of those things we have accumulated over the years to find our true authentic selves. Learn how you can reawaken your inner awareness, find your authenticity, and discover what you truly want in life. 

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

Defining who you are outside of the roles you’ve played in life [10:16]

Why we take on perceptions of ourselves placed on us by others [15:32]

Finding liberation and authenticity in yourself [24:17]

Why you can’t induce change without awareness [49:36]

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