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Building Happiness and Fulfillment with Rafeal Eliassen

Consistency, connection, and care are important messages to incorporate into your work as a life coach. It is important to teach these concepts to your clients in order to help them establish a base of confidence for them to grow from, both personally and professionally. Making sure they are mentally in a sound place is an important part of equipping them to deal with the rigors of both business and life.

This week on VLA, we are joined by Rafeal Eliassen, a Norwegian personal growth and business coach who works with clients in building a happiness mindset in order for them to grow and reach their dreams. Rafeal explains his process of developing confidence and happiness in clients, and how it sets the foundation for client success and empowerment. He has many tools and techniques that he implements to build clients up and feel confident in business. Listen in for an excellent conversation and many tips that you can utilize right now!

“I'm happy, I love myself, I love my life. You know, I don't need anything else to feel complete.” - Rafeal Elliason

Episode Highlights

  • Mindset and Happiness

  • Emotional Mastery

  • Changes you can make that make a difference

  • Looking for big hits and breakthrough moments

  • How to drive exponential growth

  • Gifting yourself

Thank you for tuning in this week with another amazing guest. We have included links to his YouTube, Instagram and other social media pages. Thanks for listening!


Rafael Eliassen

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