Allowing for Judgment-Free Interactions with Your Family

The holidays can be a trying time for lots of people. As excited as some of us are to be around family, it can also be a highly stressful time.

In this intimate and fun episode, Lisa talks about her experience being back home with family over the holidays, but more importantly, she discusses the intricacies of navigating family relationships without judgment. When it comes to our familial relationships, we tend to be more critical and judgmental. This could often lead to arguments and squabbles that we won’t normally have with our friends or the other relationships we have. We tend to have a lower threshold of patience for our loved ones, and this could lead to fights over small matters.

From practicing vulnerability with your family members to loosening your grip of the stories you’ve connected so strongly to them, this is a relatable episode all about the family dynamic and allowing your family members the freedom to be fully themselves.

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