‘Why Haven’t You Done the Laundry’ and What That Means About You

Some days we don’t feel like doing the laundry. Seems like a common thought, right? Millions of people feel this way not just about laundry, but the dishes, taking out the trash, the list goes on. Lots of people think nothing of it. However, some folks beat themselves up about it and let thoughts of laziness, or “why am I such a procrastinator” creep in, which is not good, and can burden how they see themselves.

This week, Lisa helps us cut through the anxiety of something simple as not doing the laundry, and reminds us it does not mean we are lazy, or a bad homemaker, or partner, or whatever outlandish thought you may have.


  • Giving yourself grace for avoiding minor responsibilities

  • Fighting the procrastination label

  • Bringing more playfulness and fun into our lives

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