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Unpacking Imposter Syndrome

Do you struggle to internalize your own success? Otherwise known as Imposter Syndrome, this negative thought pattern of “not being good enough” - even if you have the skills or talents to back it up - has been a hot topic in the online space. Our instincts tell us to avoid any kind of rejection, yet by doing so, we’re only causing ourselves anxiety, stress, and unhappiness.  

In this episode of Love This B!tch, I want to unpack what Imposter Syndrome looks like, why it occurs, and how we can start reprogramming our brains to build up our confidence and find value in ourselves again. Because at the end of the day, failure is normal, nobody has all the answers, and sometimes, we just need to ask for help to grow and learn.  

Here’s a closer look at

  • Unpacking Imposter Syndrome [0:40]

  • The five types of Imposter Syndrome [4:56]

  • How we create our own self-perpetuating cycle [12:58]

  • Combatting Imposter Syndrome [15:02]

  • Why the struggle is part of the journey [26:25]

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