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Understanding Your Inner Critic

Do you ever listen to that voice in your mind that judges and criticizes your every move? We all have that voice - or inner critic - and it can be relentless. Evolutionarily, our inner critic was there to keep us safe. In modern times, it tends to cause us more anxiety and drama than anything else. That’s why it’s important to understand, approach, and overcome our inner critic so we can learn from our mistakes, focus on the positive, and move forward in life.

In this episode of Love This B!tch, I am really going deep into why we have an inner critic, where it originated in our evolution, how you can practice awareness, and the steps we can take to overcome our inner critic and make it our number one cheerleader. Because we are all human - we all have flaws, we all make mistakes. And we all need to relate more kindly to ourselves. 

Here’s a closer look at

What is the Inner Critic? [2:00]

How the Inner Critic leads to mental and physical health issues [5:10]

Why shame and blame are not good motivators [13:38]

How to overcome your inner critic [13:40]

Understanding that we are all human [End time]

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