The Obstacles You Face When Processing Emotions

You’ve been there before - suppressing your emotions when the going gets really tough. It’s what you’re taught to do. As a society, especially as women, we’re taught that strength comes in the form of keeping our emotions hidden and in check. But what normally ends up happening when we keep carrying things and let them keep piling up until we reach a huge breaking point.

In today’s episode, Lisa is chatting about all the common obstacles you face when it comes to processing your emotions. First and foremost, Lisa gives you permission to be patient and compassionate with yourself throughout the process. Then, she discusses the different obstacles from attachment to judgment, as well as how you can give yourself grace as you’re processing your emotions. If you’ve ever been hard on yourself for your instinctual emotions, this episode is for you. Take a deep breath and tune in as Lisa walks you through a judgment-free conversation all about the ups and downs of managing our emotions.

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