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The Importance of Flexibility in Your Wellness Journey with Kate Lyman

Hey guys! This week we are speaking with Kate Lyman as she goes into detail about her nutrition coaching business. Kate shares with us about her personal fitness journey, building sustainable health habits, and gives tips on developing nutritional goals that you can reach. This episode is packed with great tips to help take your overall physical health to the next level. Tune in for an enlightening conversation on how to begin your fitness journey and how to enhance your nutrition regimen!

Episode Highlights:

  • Introducing Kate! (3:25)

  • Building Sustainability in your fitness journey (5:40)

  • Kate’s Journey to Nutrition Coaching (11:23)

  • Struggles with Defining goals (18:11)

  • Flexibility is the key to sustainability (28:39)


Connect with Kate:

Connect with Lisa:

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