“Shoulding” on Others

We have talked about “shoulding” on ourselves previously on Love this B!tch, but what about doing this to others?

In today’s episode, Lisa discusses the effects that projecting our ideas on how someone “should” behave can cause rifts in our relationships, especially with the people closest to us. We have all experienced a time (or several) where our expectations of someone else has led us to feel negative things toward this person. Today, Lisa is here to remind us that we all interact with the world differently and this affects the way that we operate. Tune in for a reminder of why we should stay conscious of how we might be “shoulding” on ourselves AND others.


  • Frustration as an indication that you are “shoulding” on someone

  • Frustration as a result of arguing with reality

  • We are not the universal judge of “standards”

  • Attaching meaning to someone’s actions

  • How our different interactions with the world affect our thought patterns, emotions, and actions

  • Awareness of other people’s “models”

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