Practicing Gratitude & Choosing Happiness

Are you choosing to see the positive things in your life and enjoy them? Or are you letting these moments pass you by while you focus on the negative? If you’re ready to create awareness and mindfulness on things in your life that you’re grateful for and find joy and happiness again, then you need to start practicing gratitude in your daily routine.

In this episode of Love This B!tch, I am deep diving into all things gratitude. I’ll talk about how our brains receive both negative and positive sensations (and how to rewire them), why we need to do the work to keep things balanced and in perspective, and how a simple gratitude practice can help you build a foundation of confidence, happiness, and strength to face everything in life.

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

  • Why gratitude journaling works [1:22]

  • How Neuroplasticity can work in our favor [4:09]

  • The importance of gratitude practice [13:43]

  • Vital mindset shifts to rewire your brain [17:26]

  • Embracing happiness and joy in your body [21:53]

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