Kick Comparison to the Curb

The adage “comparison is the thief of joy” is alive and well. It is easy to fall victim to comparing your life to someone else's as we are bombarded with images of success on social media and the internet, often curated by people going through similar struggles of our own. It can be hard to find value in your own life and not get caught up in someone else's story. Everyone goes through struggle and difficulties, and it is important to not get caught up in the appearances of someone else's life. Lisa helps us overcome comparing ourselves to others by prioritizing your happiness over anyone else’s and finding daily joy, worth, and satisfaction. It is necessary to love our own journey and not look to run anyone else’s race.


  • Social Media as a point of comparison

  • Self-esteem vs self compassion

  • Rewiring mindset to make sure we find value in our own lives

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