How to Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Growth, whether it be personal, professional or emotional, requires change and facing challenges that may make us feel uncomfortable. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and embracing growth can cause anxiety and trigger self-limiting beliefs. However, through mental training and coaching, we can become equipped to handle these stresses and expand our skillset and develop the self-confidence to handle any challenges that may come our way.

This week, I share how to embrace being uncomfortable. I give you coaching tools to mentally prepare for dealing with the unknown. This is an episode that everyone can benefit from, whether you are currently in a period of growth or stepping out on a whim for the first time!


  • Avoiding ‘sticking with what you're good at”

  • Becoming aware when you are avoiding growth opportunities due to discomfort

  • Difference between discomfort and deciding this is something you cannot do

  • Shifting negative thoughts to neutral thoughts to positive thoughts

  • Practicing new thoughts of self-belief

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UnF*ck Your Brain Podcast with Kara Loewentheil


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