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How Living with Intention Allows You to Live in Your Power

How many times have you allowed a negative thought to fester, grow, and influence your emotions and experiences? This is a common trait that we all share as humans. In today’s episode, Lisa is sharing the key to living in your power. She discusses the importance of letting go of the thoughts that aren’t serving you so you can fully live with intention.

. Lisa chats about how holding on to a thought keeps us on the hamster wheel of trying to change things that are out of our control. She also addresses the reality of every single person having a very different perception and perspective. However, we have complete control over our thoughts and no one else’s. This is an episode that emphasizes the importance of mindset work, and how mastering your mindset and living in your power will ultimately help make the areas of sales, marketing, and business a lot easier. If you’ve ever doubted yourself, second guessed your pricing, or feared judgment from any source, this episode is for you. Tune in and let’s get you one step closer to living with intention.

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