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How Ghostwriting Can Help Grow Your Brand With Eli Gonzalez

A ghostwriter is someone that writes various copy, books, and media content, usually for someone else, and is not credited for their work. Many of today's biographies, memoirs, and self-help books that are credited to celebrities are ghostwritten by writers behind the scenes. Writers take these public figures' life stories and craft content that helps to grow their brand, establish their expertise, and connect with audiences.

Eli Gonzalez is one of the premier ghostwriters in the world and has written over 85 books for political leaders, business figures, and public personalities. Nicknamed the “Godfather of Ghostwriting”, he joins us on Vibrant Life Allies to explain how he came into ghostwriting and how he helps people establish presence and expertise in their industry through biographies, self help and how to books. Eli explains the 7 step process he uses to work with authors in order to develop critically acclaimed work. He also talks about the International Ghostwriter’s Association and what they offer to prospective students looking to build a career in writing. I certainly learned a lot about the writing process and how to monetize it as a career, so definitely tune in if you are looking for other ways to have your voice heard and have your brand gain more attention and reach!


  • What exactly is ghostwriting?

  • Why fear is holding back so many potential authors

  • Selecting the right clients to work with

  • An inside look at being a client of Eli’s

  • The 7 step story arc process

  • Becoming comfortable with obscurity as a ghostwriter

  • International Ghostwriters Association and developing future ghostwriters

Thank you for tuning in this week with another amazing guest. If you’re enjoying the show, please leave us a review and share with a friend. Thanks for listening!

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