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Growing Your Business with Michelle Hartzman

Authenticity is an important characteristic for anyone looking to grow their brand in business. The more you can present yourself and who you are, the more you can connect and build trust with clients. Having a plan to present the most honest part of you is critical to growing your business and getting long-term success.

Michelle Hartzman joins us on VLA, to explain her background as a business coach. Working mostly with online coaches and service providers, Michelle offers valuable advice on being competent in your industry and presenting yourself authentically. These are traits that are key to be successful in all aspects of life, be it your business or personal affairs. Tune in for some very important tips that can help anyone in virtually any avenue.

Episode Highlights

  • Importance of authenticity in your business

  • Mastering sales processes

  • How to “own your voice”

  • Defining your personal beliefs

  • Having an abundance mindset

  • Leaning into “uncomfortableness”

Thank you for tuning in this week with another amazing guest. If you’re enjoying the show, please leave us a review and share with a friend. Thanks for listening!

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