Embracing and Building Your Emotional Strength

Do you know what it takes to be emotionally strong? I grew up thinking that strong people don’t cry and would judge myself for being weak when I gave in to the temptation. In this episode, we bust the harmful myth that feeling hurt or having strong emotions makes us weak. We’re learning how our minds create negative narratives that cause unnecessary suffering and anxiety and why life involves feeling a range of human emotions that should be embraced, not avoided. 

Here’s a closer look at

Why our physical and mental reactions to our emotions look different for everybody [6:16]

The importance of managing your mind to reduce unnecessary suffering, pain, and anxiety [9:01]

Embracing pain and sadness, giving yourself compassion, and experiencing true joy and happiness in life [11:28]

Connecting with your common humanity to build up your emotional resilience [16:01]

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Awareness Proceeds Change Episode

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