Confident Decision Making + Productive Procrastination

Hey Lovies! This week on Love This B!tch, we focus on a couple different things. First, we discuss what productive procrastination is. Understanding what procrastination is and how to avoid it is key to fighting anxiety, sadness and other emotions we deal with when we feel our procrastination is holding us back. The second topic is how to become confident in your decision making and how to make choices from a positive and confident standpoint. Working to make confident decisions that don’t over analyze your choices and leave you anxious and overwhelmed takes work and a shift in thinking. No one is perfect, and chasing perfectionism is a recipe doomed to failure. Make the best decisions you can confidently and without second guessing yourself.


  • What is productive procrastination

  • Taking action to progress towards your goals

  • Avoiding negative thoughts prior to decision making

  • Building a foundation of confidence

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