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Balancing Life and Your Goals with Dr. Naieema Jackson

On this episode of Vibrant Life Allies, I am joined by Dr. Naieema Jackson. Dr. Naieema is the CEO of Determined FemPreneur, a company that supports and empowers online service-based female entrepreneurs in their journey to make an impact while making six figures, working 5 hours a day or less.

She is also the host of The Determined FemPreneur Podcast and attributes much of her success as a professor, businesswoman, wife, and mother to her relentless determination and focus. Her coaching is centered on helping women overcome obstacles and the stresses of balancing life, while remaining determined to reach their entrepreneurial goals. It is a fascinating and value-filled discussion on managing your time and achieving your goals without being overwhelmed or stressed.


  • What a Determined FemPrenuer is

  • Reversing conditioning about working hard and money

  • Redefining monetary and business success

  • Understanding the impact of women in business

  • Working with online based service entrepreneurs

  • Embracing the power of “no”

  • Getting to 10k in sales a month

  • Understanding and using data to shape business

Thank you for tuning in this week with another amazing guest. If you’re enjoying the show, please leave us a review and share with a friend. Thanks for listening!

Connect with Dr. Naieema Jackson:

For the Free, Private Training On "How to Earn Six Figures, While Working 5 Hours a Day" go to

Additional Links: Women own 51% of all businesses in the United States, but only bring in 4.2% of the revenue. Source: Amex State of Women Owned Businesses Report

According to Forbes:

  • When women earn, 90% is reinvested back into the family.

  • That means better nutrition, healthcare and education for her family and the community at large!

  • Men reinvest only 44% of their earnings back into the family.

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