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Understanding Life Coaching

In today’s very special episode, I talk to three amazing coaches, Brittany, Amanda, and Barbara, who are returning from Season 1 of Vibrant Life Allies to chat about all things coaching. We are deep-diving into what coaching looks like for each of them, dissecting their coaching specialties and exploring how they help their clients through various transitional stages of life to reach their goals.

Tune in to listen to our chat about what coaching is, why and when people need it, knowing which coach to work with, and how coaching can help you play this game of life most efficiently and effectively. We’ll even touch on how to find our true purpose, why it’s important to discover what makes us happy, how to run a business with passion behind it, and how coaches help you gain clarity around your mindset and push past your self-limiting beliefs. 

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

What is a life coach? [1:50]

How to you know if you need a coach [4:10]

The difference between coaching and therapy [7:27]

Finding and living your purpose [26:10]

Episode Appearances:

Episode 1: Amanda Winkeleer

Episode 3: Barbara Fraile

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