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Negativity Bias and You

Ever dwelled more on the negative remarks rather than the positive comments? You could do amazing on a project for school, and yet the one or two negative comments you receive you end up remembering far longer than the praise. This is negativity bias, where our brains are wired to spend more time thinking about the bad interactions in our life than the good ones.

Today on Love This B!tch, Lisa explains how this mental block can affect your relationships, confidence, and happiness. We focus on how to shift your mindset to limit the time spent on negative thoughts and how to embrace the good far more than the bad. This subtle change can make a tremendous difference in how you see yourself and the world around you.


  • “Bad news gets more traction than good news”

  • How negativity bias can affect your motivation, relationships, and decision making

  • Realism disguised as negativity

  • Rewiring our brains for positivity

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