Managing Family Boundaries Over The Holidays

Being around family during the holidays can definitely challenge our mindsets. Whether it’s a simple board game or an inappropriate comment, stress levels tend to be higher than normal, and our reactions are quicker to surface. But what if I told you that most of these situations elicit responses that are bred from our own insecurity?

In this episode of Love This B!tch, I am walking you through a few common issues and defense mechanisms triggered by family members, how to be aware of them, and why you need to mentally prepare yourself to accept these situations with rationality and compassion. Start setting healthy boundaries with your family members so you can look forward to the holidays with excitement rather than dread.

Here’s a closer look at

  • Why it’s about you, not them [8:08]

  • Entering situations with awareness [11:32]

  • How to keep your defensive reaction in check [15:50]

  • Why you need to establish healthy boundaries with family members [19:19]

  • Taking responsibility for your feelings towards your family [24:47]

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